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DESIGN AND INSTALLATION:  The layout of a dry cleaning plant / drop store involves much more than pipes and equipment installation.  The placement of each piece of equipment and the work flow of your employees are important.   If you are going to make a large investment in the purchase of equipment you need to hire someone who is experienced, knowledgeable and insured to handle that investment.  

EQUIPMENT:  S & W Equipment can sell you new, used and/or refurbished equipment for your dry cleaning plant / drop store.  Dry Cleaning Plant and Drop Store Packages can be custom tailored to try and meet your business and financial goals.   The time frame for S & W to assemble a package depends on availability of items and current workload status.  


CONSULTATIONOne of our owners Stan Funkhouser has been designing and installing dry cleaning plants and drop stores for over 20 years.  From well known dry cleaning chains to small mom and pop stores, Stan can help guide you through the process.  An initial consultation is free of charge.    


Purchasing a Dry Cleaning Plant / Drop Store package is like purchasing a car.  There are basic items that are needed but a lot of the other options are specific to the owners finances, needs and personal liking.  The equipment can be new, used, refurbished or a combination.  That is why we do not advertise dollar amounts for packages because it can be misleading.  When investing tens of thousands of dollars into a business you need a package tailor made to your specifications and the price ranges and combinations are numerous.  S & W Equipment can help you with any of the Dry Cleaning Plant and Drop Store Package services listed below.