We receive several inquires about plant / store packages.  We caution anyone who is about to purchase a package to do your research on the company you are dealing with.  We stress this to our customers because unfortunately we have received calls from people who invested tens of thousands of dollars in equipment / packages and they did not receive what they were sold or a warranty was not honored.  The effects of this can be devastating to a business.   Whether you purchase from S & W Equipment or somewhere else please be an informed consumer.  Below is a checklist of just some of the items you should look for:

  •  Does the company identify the owners and how to get in touch with them?
  •  How long has the company been in business under their current name and if they have recently changed names...why?
  •  Is the company registered with all required federal/state agencies?
  •  Can the company provide specific references of individuals you can talk to (not generic ones).
  •  Does the company use in house employees to do the work or is it subcontracted out?  
  •  Watch for 'Terms and Conditions' and be sure and read them.  
  •  ​Does the company carry insurance that covers your paid for items while still in their possession?


Whether you are looking to get into the dry cleaning business or are an experienced dry cleaning professional looking to expand, at S & W Equipment we can provide many cost saving ideas tailored to meet your specific goals and needs.   We usually recommend some key pieces that need to be new equipment and those can be combined with used / refurbished equipment to produce a full package.