1). Experience in the Dry Cleaning Industry- you can gain valuable experience in the industry by working in a dry cleaners or researching the industry. 

2).  Model Type- There are many forms of dry cleaners.  There are dry cleaning plants, drop stores and delivery services.  Many of our existing customers started with drop stores but said they preferred to own their own plant because they can control the quality of the work being done.

3).  Research the Geographic Market-  When you decide what geographic area you would like to start your new business, research how many existing dry cleaners there are in the area and the need for dry cleaning services. 

4).  Business Plan- Write out a business plan with your ideas and goals.  You will probably need a business plan to present if you are trying to secure funding.

5).  Codes/Licenses and Permits- Research what your local city/state ordinances and codes are and what if any permits are needed to operate a dry cleaning business.  For instance, in the State of Texas the TCEQ regulates dry cleaners.  Also your State may require you to obtain a sales tax permit and you will need to register with the IRS to obtain an EIN. 


6).  Staff- If you do not have any experience operating a business or dry cleaning equipment, you will need to hire trained personnel to help you run your business.  Research the labor rates and laws for such trained personnel.

7).  Insurance- You will probably need a variety of insurance when operating a business.  From General Liability, Equipment etc.

8).  Own or Lease Premises-  You need to determine if you will occupy a lease space or purchase your own building.  You will need to check with a landlord and also a dry cleaning installation expert to see if a dry cleaning plant/drop store within a lease space is feasible.  **S & W Equipment can help you with the design and installation of your dry cleaning plant/drop store. 

9).  Equipment-  You will need to research what type of equipment you will need.  **S & W Equipment can help you in determining what type of equipment you need and also supplying it.

10).  Funding-  Be sure you will be able to fund your new business.  The costs alone for equipment for a plant (depending on type and quantity) could easily reach into six figures.


At S & W Equipment we get a lot of calls from people who would like to get into the Dry Cleaning business but they have no previous experience in the industry.  We put together a short checklist of just some of the things to consider if you are interested in starting a Dry Cleaning business.