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With dry cleaning equipment becoming more and more complex, choosing a company to buy used or refurbished equipment from can come with risk. We have over 30 years of experience servicing, installing, refurbishing and selling all types of laundry and dry cleaning equipment. S&W Equipment will take the time to thoroughly go through and test all of our used and refurbished equipment before it leaves our shop.



When you're looking for used dry cleaning equipment, there are four very important things to look for. First, do they have that quality piece of equipment that I'm looking for or can they get what it is I'm looking for? Second, is the refurbishing process done correctly? Third, will the equipment be installed correctly to the highest standards? Fourth, most importantly, will they provide great service through the whole process and stand behind there guaranty once it's complete? Here at S & W Equipment we care about all of these things and are here to help you.



Stan Ley Cleaners Dallas,TX

“S & W Equipment delivered on time and under budget. Calling them for the equipment I needed was a great decision."  




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